My Story


I’m a Viet-American, Vietnamese by birth and American through naturalization. At age 8 1/2, my family and I escaped from communist Vietnam on a small wooden fishing boat with 35 others. We lived in the Malaysian refugee camps for 9 months and came to the U.S. in February 1980. My family settled in Erie, Pennsylvania where I lived until 2015.


The Teenage Years

As a teenager, I felt awkward in my body. I wanted to be more American and less Vietnamese. I wanted desperately to belong anywhere.

My insecurities carried into college and the need for self-worth got more intensed. The desire to be accepted and loved led me into a life of promiscuity. This lifestyle led to self-hate and I began using food to control how I felt and looked. It was the beginning of my obsessive-compulsive battle with binge eating.

Consumed with guilt over bad decisions, I isolated myself from people to hide my shame. Loneliness was my only friend. I didn’t want to live. Until God intervened.

Post College

In May 1994, I met a farm boy from my hometown and he introduced me to Jesus, the God who forgives and offers new beginnings. I eagerly placed my faith in Jesus and experienced a radical life change. Seven years later, we married in spite of many odds against us. My husband, Scott and I lived in Erie, PA for 14 years before God moved us south in 2015. We currently make our home in the metro Atlanta area with our sons, Isaiah and Caleb.

The New Me

It took three decades for my mind to be reprogrammed with right thoughts and my heart to heal. The new me believes I am designed by my Maker with unique beauty, incomparable worth and a valuable purpose. Now my life is devoted to telling everyone about the God who gave me a new life and a new identity as his daughter.