God’s Real Girls

Do you long to be somebody’s girl? Anybody’s girl?  Do you feel at odds in your body? Does it feel awkward being you. Are you insecure about your looks, your body size, and your abilities as a young girl or woman? Do you ever wish you are someone else because you think you don’t have much to offer? Is it hard for you to accept and love yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ve come to the right place 😊. You are not alone. I’ve been there. And honestly, I still think these thoughts of myself at times. That’s the bad news. But there is good and better news for us gals.

We are somebody’s girl! We are God’s girls. He made us just the way we are on purpose and for a purpose. It’s totally normal and natural to have these feelings about ourselves. It is part of our female design.

Here’s the scoop. God created your looks, your personality, your size, and yes even your quirks. He put in you specific gifts and abilities so you can be You and not someone else. As you learn to understand, accept, and love the you God made, you will become God’s real girl.

I’m in the fifth decade of my life and I finally get what it means to be God’s real girl 🤗💜.

God’s Real Girls are Authentic. They aren’t afraid to be their real self because they know God made them uniquely special in his image.

God’s Real Girls are Confident. They are sure of themselves because they understand God gives them their worth. Nothing and no one can add or take away their value.

God’s Real Girls are Captivating. Their beauty comes from deep within and exudes to their outer appearance, captivating all and pointing people to God, the giver of their beauty.

At God’s Real Girls you’ll find help and answers for issues all girls and young women face like beauty, body image, eating issues, fitness, emotional and mental well being, boys, dating, sex, family, friendship,  relationships, God, and life in general.

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