Why I Write


Thank you for stopping by to visit me :). I’m happy you’re here and hope you’ll find some nuggets of wisdom for your life through my stories.

I’m just an ordinary woman with no credentials, no accolades, and no big title to my name. I do have plenty of failures and regrets from living life my way, but also a good amount of wisdom from God since I’ve learned to do life His way.

I don’t have clever or eloquent words to impress, just simple and honest words to encourage and offer hope to you who are hurting and discouraged through the travels of life.

My words are written simply to share what God has done in my life so you may know He is real and He acts on behalf of those who choose to place their faith in Him. As God teaches and helps me, I share what I learn with you because I want you to experience His love, his help, and his goodness too.

It is my prayer for you to experience the meaningful, fulfilling, and rewarding life God has for you. May the words penned here give you hope and encouragement for your life. And may you come to know Jesus better, love him more, and follow him faithfully. Everyday.