Changing My Obsession

“People my age are obsessed with being popular. They are obsessed with how many likes they get on a post. But where does popularity get you? It doesn’t help you succeed in life.”  – Naysa, 7th grade student.

Naysa is wise beyond her middle school years. She shared this one Sunday at my church when we were talking about being obsessed with someone or something. I assured her that adults have this obsession problem too, myself included.

I don’t know about you, but I have obsessive tendencies. I can and have obsessed over anything that grabs my attention. It can be food, fitness, beauty, or the desire to be in control.

Ashamedly, I do obsess over the number of likes and follows. I let it drag me down to the point of feeling awkward and inadequate in my own body. It’s an emotional roller coaster I ride over and over as I wait, wondering what people will do with what I’m posting.

Likes and follows gives me an instant good feeling. But its impact is temporary. I always need more of both to get the same good feeling. Except, I will never receive enough to feel worthy because acknowledgment from others is external. People’s affirmation can’t ever touch the deepest place in my heart that needs to feel valued and accepted. Only God can give me the assurance of my worth because he made me. He alone knows how to make me feel loved and valued like no one else can.

If I must obsess, let me obsess over Jesus, the giver of my value.

So if I must obsess, let me obsess over Jesus, my God. May I obsess over the truth of what He says about me; that I am wonderfully made. Let me obsess about the amazing reality that God thought of me when the world was created. That all the days of my life and the work he made me to do has been established long before I was conceived. May I obsess over God’s indescribable love. For none has considered me a special treasure, valuable enough to take on the punishment for my sins. And no one has loved me to the point of dying for me.

When I am tempted to obsess over likes and follows, may I consider the words of Naysa. What will the likes of people do for me and where will it take me? May it remind me to obsess over Jesus. Let me remember that my worth is not determined by how many people like and follow me. Rather, mworth is decided by the One God who created me and gives my life value.


About Phuong K Schuetz

I am a wife, momma of boys, and home school educator. My passion is to help people live their best life and maximize their created potential by pointing them to their Creator. I am a sunset chaser who loves God's wonders in nature. Starbucks and dark chocolate make me smile 😊. I'm a work in progress; mind, body, and soul. Authenticity is my way of life.
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