Getting to Your Breakthrough

img_1014If you have been following my story, you know I’ve unpacked a lot of baggage from my past. The plot was destined for failure until God entered the scene to bring beauty from ruins. And he came by way of invitation, for God is not forceful like a jealous lover, who only looks out for his own interests. He waited patiently until I was ready to admit and give up my sins.

God’s instructions from the book of Proverbs in the Bible says, “Anyone who hides their sins doesn’t succeed. But anyone who admits their sins and gives them up finds mercy.” (Proverbs 28:13)

The winter I moved home from college, I stood in front of an altar table my grandmother had made years before she passed. I admitted my sexual sins to God and gave up my wanton ways. I didn’t know how it would happen, but I felt confident my breakthrough was coming. Three months later, I met my husband. This was God’s act of mercy to me.

You see, everything in my life was out of order when I continued in the promiscuous way. I was mentally unstable, emotionally depleted, physically unfit, and spiritually empty. My breakthrough came after I admitted my sins to God and gave up the philandering lifestyle.

I wore shame and guilt and lost many years of good living, because I didn’t know I could give up my sins and receive God’s mercy. Since my life has been radically changed by the powerful truth of God’s instructions, I am compelled to pass this life saving knowledge on to you, my fellow life travelers.

So I ask you my friends. What sins do you need to admit and give up? If your life is in disarray and you do not have peace, these are your cues to stop hiding from God. When you hide your sins, you won’t succeed at the life you’ve been given.

Here’s the thing. God knows everything. He already knows about your sins. He simply wants you to admit it to him and to give it up. God wants to grant you his mercy because he loves you. He wants to give you a new and better life than the one you have been trying hard to work out on your own. You don’t have to continue living in frustration because sin is blocking your success.

Are you ready for your breakthrough? God wants to turn your ruins into beauty, but he is not forceful. He will wait patiently for you to admit and give up your sins.

Will your next move lead to breakthrough? The choice is yours friends. I hope you’ll say yes to Jesus and make it to your breakthrough! Because you are truly worthy of it!!


About Phuong K Schuetz

I am a wife, momma of boys, and home school educator. My passion is to help people live their best life and maximize their created potential by pointing them to their Creator. I am a sunset chaser who loves God's wonders in nature. Starbucks and dark chocolate make me smile 😊. I'm a work in progress; mind, body, and soul. Authenticity is my way of life.
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