Time Won’t Slow Down, But We Can

img_0773This simple little clock was given to me by a friend I met through work. She lived in the Bronx with five children all under the age of ten.

We never met face to face but spoke on the phone several times before Sebrinna sent me this gift. She wanted me to always remember how fast time flies when I have children so I would make the most of each day with them. She was absolutely right!

The older I get the faster the years passes. I look at my boys and can’t believe how fast they are growing. I wish I could rewind the years and savor the days when they were babies and toddlers. I would enjoy every stage more and not rush them through it. I wouldn’t worry about the boys not mastering new skills because I’d know eventually they will. Oh, how I want time to slow down!

Truth is, time won’t slow down. But I can slow down. I can change my pace of life and eliminate busyness so I can be fully present and engaged with my family to enjoy each day God gives me. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Only God does. So, I must make the most of every opportunity by investing time daily in things of significance. My relationship with God, my family, and others.

Is it possible to slow down when time keeps moving? The answer is yes! We can slow down by prioritizing our schedule instead of letting our schedule direct our priorities. In the remaining days of 2016, I will share snapshots of how our family is slowing down during this holiday season to enjoy time together and invest in the lives of others.

Psalm 90: 10, 12  

 The years pass quickly, and we are gone. God, teach us to realize how short our lives are. Then our hearts will become wise. 

About Phuong K Schuetz

I am a wife, momma of boys, home school educator, and God's Real Girl who is passionate about helping girls and young women embrace their uniqueness, know their worth, and find their life's purpose from God. I love sunsets, nature, Starbucks, and dark chocolate. Just like that 😉.
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