There is Power in Weakness


The Insecure Woman that’s me. It’s not a glamourous name. It makes me look weak but I can’t deny the insecurities in myself.

In the Bible, the apostle Paul says he is happy to brag about his weakness.

After he begged God three times to take away the pain in his body, this was God’s answer in 2 Corinthians 12:9

“My grace is sufficient for you. My power is strongest when you are weak.”

God could have taken Paul’s pain away, but he didn’t because he wanted to show his power. To keep him from becoming prideful, Paul was given a nagging pain in his body. Because the pain didn’t go away, Paul was able to see God’s power making him stronger in his weakened state.

I believe God works similarly in our lives. He uses our insecurities to keep us from becoming prideful. If we are secure in ourselves, we would think we don’t need God.

Insecurity is part of the human condition. We are incomplete and imperfect. God placed in each of us the need to feel secure and only he can provide true security because he created us. This is why personal, material, and financial success without God can’t make us feel secure. Unless we are secure in the truth that God made each of us unique with our own special purpose, we will always compare, envy, and covet because we think we should be like someone else.

Most of us view insecurity as undesirable. The word itself stirs up negatives thoughts and feelings. It makes us feel weak. Yet, God says weakness is a good thing! God’s power is strongest when we are weak. In my weakest moment is when God shows up to do for me what I can’t do for myself. He gives me the power to put others first, to extend kindness, to forgive, and to love when I would rather not.

For this reason, I will boast about my insecurities. It is the nagging pain God uses to keep me humble. I am happy for the weakness of my insecurities because it reminds me to be secure, in who God made me to be and what he created me to do. It stops me when I begin to compare, envy, and covet because I think I should be like someone else.

God’s power is strongest when I am weak. Were it not for the weakness of my insecurities, his power would not be visible in my life. Then, people would see me and not God. And there is nothing great and powerful in me without God.








About Phuong K Schuetz

I am a wife, momma of boys, home school educator, and God's Real Girl who is passionate about helping girls and young women embrace their uniqueness, know their worth, and find their life's purpose from God. I love sunsets, nature, Starbucks, and dark chocolate. Just like that 😉.
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2 Responses to There is Power in Weakness

  1. leemkbcbellsouthnet says:

    Thanks much, Phuong, for the timely reminder and encouragement for me, a insecure woman!


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